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For the Birds: Stikki Peaches x Frank Frazetta

Step into a realm where fantasy and urban grit collide as the timeless artwork of Frank Frazetta meets the contemporary vibrance of Stikki Peaches. In this captivating fusion, Frazetta's epic tales of warriors and mythical creatures intertwine with Peaches’ bold, street-inspired art. The result is a visually stunning narrative that transcends time and genre, offering a fresh perspective on the power of imagination and storytelling through the ages. Explore the unexpected connections between two distinct artistic worlds in a mesmerizing display of storytelling, blending of different artistic realms, and visually impactful pieces. While their styles may differ, these common elements offer opportunities for collaboration and artistic synergy.

A Note from Stikki Peaches

As a young teen in the late 1980’s, I was heavily into collectibles; mainly comic books, trading cards and poseable figurines - whatever I could afford to get my hands on. My obsession at the time was anything and everything Star Wars. To me, George Lucas was as “Godlike” as can be, until I read an article from a vintage Heavy Metal magazine featuring the name Frank Frazetta as one of Lucas’ influences. From that day on, I became an instant fan of the man who they call “the godfather of fantasy art”. It all made sense to me; for years I gawked and marveled at the creations and mind of Lucas when all along, I was subconsciously being fed bits and pieces of who would later be known as Frank Frazetta and his fantastic worlds.

Fast forward 30+ years, a full circle moment in my life happened when connecting with Frazetta’s granddaughter, Sara Frazetta, an amazing artist herself and a key figure in keeping the legacy of her late grandfather alive. For the better part of two years of pitching ideas, granting me access to photos of her grandfather and grandmother, Ellie Frazetta, I created a capsule of works as a tribute to a master of his craft, who has influenced so many artists of all sorts with his signature style and originality. He was always sticking to his mantra of creating what he wanted to create and to not follow trends. I am forever grateful to Sara for trusting my ideas and vision, and for her patience throughout the past two years in allowing me to bring these pieces to life, and to Galerie LeRoyer for the wonderful curation of this show entitled: For the Birds.