Installation Views

Galerie LeRoyer | Eric Lapointe F1 XXL Top view
Galerie LeRoyer | Eric Lapointe F1 XXL Sideview 2
Galerie LeRoyer | Eric Lapointe F1 XXL in Gallery view
Galerie LeRoyer | Eric Lapointe F1 XXL on display
Galerie LeRoyer | Eric Lapointe
Galerie LeRoyer | Eric Lapointe F1 XXL rear wing / aileron
Galerie LeRoyer | Eric Lapointe F1 XXL Lens view

Press Release

History of a sculpture

In 2001, the artist rendered “F1”, a bronze sculpture that was inspired by the F1-2000  driven by Michael Schumacher, that won the first World Championship for the Ferrari stable in over 21 years.
The “F1” was cast as an edition of 8 with 4 artist’s proofs.To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this epic championship, sculptor Éric Lapointe, created a new larger version of the piece entitled: “F1-XXL”. This piece is being cast as an edition of 8 that will be available for discerning art collectors, as well as 4 artist’s proofs.

Seen through the viewer’s eyes, the car shreds through the course pulling powerful G-forces, its representation distorted through the use of anamorphosis which is indicative of Lapointe’s work. When the viewer pauses and views the piece through the provided lens, time and speed come to a halt, and the anamorphosis is reversed. The “F1-XXL” loses its distortion and becomes perfectly proportioned, creating an almost magical transubstantiation that will dazzle and surprise every viewer.

This sculpture sits atop a piece of Black Cambrian granite, which was extracted from the  quarries of St-Nazaire Québec.The black granite slab is elevated by a wooden tripod made of Jatoba wood that recalls the form of a telescope.
This visual metaphor is the crux of Éric Lapointe’s work; to show us through a lens what we cannot see with our own eyes.

A few collectors of this exceptional sculpture:

Michael Schumacher
Willy Weber (Michael Schumacher’s agent)
Jean Todt
Nick Heidfeld (F1 driver)
Werner Heinz (Nick Heidfeld’s agent)
Bernie Ecclestone
Lawrence Stroll (Aston Martin F1 Team)