Roberta Coni Artist - Represented by Galerie LeRoyer

Roberta Coni was born in Marino (Rome) in 1976. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1999. She pursued her studies abroad with the help of two grants in Spain and the United States.

Primarily interested in the human figure, she mixes the classical technique of oil painting with heavy body paste made of bitumen, melted wax and glue. Since 2009, her artistic research has been geared toward large-scale paintings, in which the face often emerges from the shadows, proposing an interpretation of the contemplative soul in continuous introspection.

Her work is characterized by its strong realism while combining rougher materials. Female figures with poignant expressions are in the foreground, where, with detailed attention, almost lenticular, the brush focuses on the skin and eyes, putting forward the secret pulse of the pictorial surface. The faces are often violated by time flowing relentlessly on the skin, deforming and shaping it over the years, to lay bare the soul. She has created a compendium of contemporary work as she integrates video art to the visual language of her paintings.

Roberta Coni has received numerous awards abroad, notably in England, Turkey, and China.