Martin Rondeau Artist - Represented by Galerie LeRoyer

Martin Rondeau was born in 1970 in Joliette, Quebec, and currently lives and works in Montreal. From an early age, Martin Rondeau became fascinated with the world of photography. Recognized for his unique vision and creativity, he trained with a number of great photographers who provided him with the opportunity to travel the world and find his vocation.

Martin Rondeau is a conceptual artist who brings a fresh perspective to photography by breaking free from and its traditional two-dimensional nature. He does this by employing a process of cutting, weaving, and shaping to transform his initial images into a new artistic medium. The outcome is a distorted, sculptural, and painterly form that confuses the viewer's perception, creating visual ambiguity and a lack of reference.

Rondeau's main objective is to distort the impression left by traditional photography and create something entirely new. Drawing from his background in the fashion photography industry, he seeks to develop a new artistic medium by cutting and manipulating the images, much like a painter would mix colours on a palette. Through techniques such as slicing, tearing, scratching, slatting, and weaving, the material undergoes a transformation, resulting in thick, braided, and embossed sculptural forms.

This surgical reconstruction of different elements brings together themes of curved bodies and finely formed faces, presenting a fresh vision of beauty. Furthermore, Rondeau's collage-like manipulation of physical materials gives rise to Trompe-l'oeil illusions, inviting new interpretations and pushing the boundaries of what photography can achieve.

"Photography is not just a simple medium that translates into what I see. It doesn’t uniquely function as a mediator between eye and subject. To me, it is a material used to reconstruct a chosen work. I love to disrupt and art leaves no choice but to satisfy this desire."

With a background in fashion photography, Martin Rondeau has been immersed in the visual arts scene for the past thirty years, exhibiting his work in renowned galleries around North America, Europe and important international art fairs, such as Art Basel. His works are found in private and public collections around the globe.