Birgit Borggrebe has developed a unique narrative involving an uncompromising abstract oeuvre, densely layered through figurative imagery.
Her paintings touch holographic experience when abstract spaces, most unexpectedly, prompt material realism.
The techniques she uses provoke a special visual triple bind invoked by traditions of painting, serigraphy, and photography combined in highly experimental contexts.
Her imagery, thus, relies on cultural practices of daily viewing like fading, focusing, deconstructing etc.
Nature, this way, reappears, however, in a contrasted imagery of soft contours set against edged structures. Optical intensity is achieved through inter-positioning of front and background contradictions, mostly those of softness and sharpness. The material intensity is interlaced by considered, sometimes ironic symbolism like graphic lines, touching on poetic reminiscence.
Her way of painting, thus, exposes the constant exchange of impressions of pulsating surfaces, those of daily life, and a universe of symbolism and traditions striving for harmonious contrasts and abstract entities.
The strong and encompassing visual layering that characterises Birgit Borggrebe's work enhances reflections of a universe of realities of our daily life which is not only determined by its obvious visuality but also by its strife for symbolic and individual significance.