French photographer, Manolo Chrétien is fascinated by the world of industry, particularly aeronautics. Born on a French Air Force base in 1966, his work recall his childhood memories: a universe made of bright aluminium, hot tarmac and kerosene smells. It is essential to him to recapture the innocence of his vision as a child and to reveal the wonderment he felt. Determined to keep coherence between subject and material, Manolo uses a technique of fine art print on brushed aluminium, the metal used for the body of planes. He calls it 'Aluminations'; a brilliant mix ofilluminations, hallucinations and aluminium. His last series, 'Nouveaux-Nez', is the result of a face-to-face interaction between the artist and the aircrafts he has seen taking off and landing from Paris to Tucson, since his early childhood.