Through his lens, Martin Rondeau creates beauty and makes icons of the women that inhabit his photographs. Rondeau appropriates the image, transforms it, and brings it to life. He flirts with our taboos, reveals our emotions, stimulates and sublimes our way of perceiving. His passion for aesthetics and latent thoughts push him in his artistic endeavors and force him to overcome boundaries. His inspiration is nourished by fantasy, erotic affirmation and marginal realities. From paradoxes he gives birth to his own reality. Vertigo of the senses, illusion, fantasy, fetish, reality, truth...

Martin Rondeau's work has been exhibited in art galleries and important international art fairs, such as Art Basel, in Miami. His works are found in private and public collections around the globe.

It is therefore without protest that tomorrow, the art world will count on Martin Rondeau's creative energy. His audacity and talent redefine the limits of photography, making him a visionary.